In @contentful/f36-datetime, there are two components (DateTime and RelativeDateTime) that will return a date.


Provides a relative date string for resolutions ranging from seconds up through years. Should be used when absolute date and time is unnecessarily specific.


We can pass a date as either an ISO 8601 string, a Date object, or a UNIX Epoch time.

Passing a baseDate

Normally, the component compares your date with today’s date. If you want to compare it to some specific date you need to provide baseDate prop.

The component will display in a day

Using isRelativeToCurrentWeek

You can set isRelativeToCurrentWeek to true if you want to indicate that the date is relative only within a week. And if the difference is more than one week, just show the date without relativeness. It will compare the date to today or baseDate if provided.

Props of RelativeDateTime