Notification gives an immediate feedback about an action triggered or experienced by an user.

By default, Notification will dismiss after 6 seconds, or after being clicked.


import { Notification } from '@contentful/f36-components';
// or
import { Notification } from '@contentful/f36-notification';




The Notification component can be configured in a number of different ways. Here is a guide to when to use certain variations.


With title

Sticky notification

If you want to disabled auto-closing behavior, you can pass 0 as duration of the notification.

Using unique id

If you want to make sure that the same notification appears only once at any given time, you can specify a custom notification id.

Using call to action

You call append an additional call to action to all notificataion by using cta property.

The common use case is undo button.

Props (API reference)

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All main intent functions (success, error, and warning) have the following type declaration:

type NotificationAction = (
text: string,
settings?: {
// you can specify a custom notification duration
// tip: use 0 to make your notification sticky
duration?: number;
// whether notification has close button or not
withClose?: boolean;
// custom id, by default the unique id is generated automatically
// by specifying custom id, you can make sure
// that the specific notification is present only once at any given moment
id?: string;
// Additional header title of the notification
title?: string;
// Call to action properties
// For example, your notification can have `Undo` button
cta?: Partial<{
label: string;
textLinkProps: Partial<TextLinkProps>;
) => Notification;

By default, the notification closes after 6s, but when the user hovers (mouse overs) the notification it will stop the countdown timer and the toast will stay alive as long as the toast is being hovered.

// closing one notification
const notification = await Notification.success('hello');
// In some situations toasts might become outdated before they expire.
// In those situations you can use `Notification.closeAll()` to close all open toasts.
// change placement for all notifications
// (default is bottom and offset is 20)
Notification.setPlacement('top', { offset: 100 });
Notification.setPlacement('bottom', { offset: 0 });
// change duration of expiration change placement for all notifications
// (default is 6000ms)
Notification.setDuration(1000); // 1 second
Notification.setDuration(100000); // 100 seconds

Content guidelines

  • Don't confuse Notification with Note, which persist in the UI and do not dismiss
  • Use clear and succinct copy, since the notification will only be available for 6 seconds
  • Use active voice, present tense, and consider tone of voice depending on the circumstance
  • Use sentence style caps (in which only the first word of a sentence or term is capitalized)