EntityStatusBadge is used to indicate entity status in Contentful apps. A component is based on our Badge component and has a built-in mapping of entity status to a badge variant.


import { EntityStatusBadge } from '@contentful/f36-components';
// or
import { EntityStatusBadge } from '@contentful/f36-badge';


EntityStatusBadge can have different mark following statuses. Those values are passed as a entityStatus property and displayed as a content in the badge:

  • published
  • draft
  • archived
  • changed
  • deleted
  • new

Props (API reference)

Content guidelines

  • try to use labels with short, scannable text
  • try to use a single word to describe the status of an element
  • try to describe the status in the past tense, like changed or archived


  • text must be clear enough for color-blind users to be able to understand immediately without needing to rely only on the color.