Version 3 maintenance plan

Forma 36 v4 was released on 12th January 2021.

We will continue to support v3 until 12th July 2022 (A six month transition period). Until 12th July 2022 Contentful will continue to support Forma 36 v 3. This support will entail:

  • Fixing issues and bugs in existing components in v3.

  • Supporting customers migrating to version 4

    • We have built automated tools to migrate projects to use version 4. You can always refer to our migration guides and detailed migration guides

    • In edge cases where a customer experiences major issues while migrating their application to version 4, the team will support directly. However, we fully expect that almost all customers will be able to migrate their project without our assistance.

This support will not include

  • New features

  • New variants of existing components

  • New components requested from customers. Customers can still request new features, but they will be provided in version 4.

After 12th July 2022

  • Contentful will not deactivate any API elements, so we would not expect any sudden failure of any apps that use Forma 36 v3

  • We will not be able to release bug fixes or updates for Forma 36 v3 components. This means that in order to resolve any issues that arise, users may be required to update to v4.

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