Deprecated component

EmptyState was deprecated in v4. It will be deleted from the repository on 12th July 2022.

Empty State component was removed in version 4

EmptyState component got removed in the version 4.

If you are using this component in your project you can refactor to use other existing components.

You must migrate existing code:

headingProps={{ text: 'Heading' }}
url: 'https://via.placeholder.com/200x200',
width: '340px',
height: '250px',
description: 'Image descriptionProps',
'This is a descriptionProps for the empty state. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis vulputate, sem a porttitor porttitor, velit nulla lacinia dolor, sit amet interdum ligula lectus hendrerit sem. Aliquam ultricies viverra tincidunt.',


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